What does Cloud Gaming tell us about the future of the industry?

The way we access and handle our data is changing. Cloud technology allows users to stream games, videos and other content directly from a provider's servers to their computer. This bypasses device requirements and long download times, giving users a faster and more convenient experience.

These profound changes affect every industry, and online casinos are no exception. But what does this new technology mean for the future of gaming?

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud-based gaming is a growing sector of the industry, expected to more than double in value over the next five years. But what is this new technology, and how does cloud gaming work?

A simple way to understand this is to look at a more standard cloud-based technology. Netflix, a service used daily by over 80,000 users in Norway, works on a similar principle. Instead of downloading each film or programme you want to watch to your device, Netflix hosts this data on its servers. Through this access, your device acts as a mirror for the content hosted on Netflix's servers.

Cloud gaming takes this approach and applies it to interactive entertainment. Old games relied on users' devices, with the technical specifications needed to run the program. It also placed the burden of installing the software on the user, creating a delay between buying and playing.

A cloud video game offers a more streamlined experience. Any compatible device can access the game on the provider's servers and start playing immediately.

Cloud Gaming and Online Casinos

This new way of playing does come with some challenges. While a film is an individual experience that is the same for every viewer, games are interactive experiences. Every change the player makes to the game must be communicated to the server hosting the game.

For multiplayer games that require split-second responses, the latency caused by this constant exchange of data can be a challenge in delivering a quality experience.

However, cloud gaming is well suited to online casinos. Firstly, the less restrictive hardware requirements for a casino cloud video game means that almost any device is compatible. Casino games also do not require the same real-time server updates as other multiplayer games. Minor delays in communicating with the cloud server are unlikely to affect the player's experience.

The constant connectivity of cloud technology gives casinos new options to offer players. For example, cloud servers use data to update sports betting odds and offers in real time. This allows casinos to keep players up to date with their latest offers with a seamless connection.

What does the future hold?

Although the technology is new, all signs indicate that: cloud gaming is the future. Research shows that 80% of gamers who do not currently play games in the cloud will play their first cloud video game within the next year. But what do these changes mean for the future of gaming?

Cloud technology will allow casinos to give their players more options. Live updated odds will improve the most popular form of gambling in Norway: betting on football and horse racing. Other games can also use this feature, giving players up-to-date offers from providers.

Along with these new features, cloud technology solves existing problems with casino games. Cloud servers can scale up or down depending on the demand at the time, reducing delays on the player's side, even at the busiest times.

Casinos will be better equipped to back up, store and retrieve data from the cloud to prevent data loss. This also increases customer security. The cloud encrypts any personal or financial information they provide.


Cloud technology is a fast growing sector of the entertainment industry. It faces hurdles with connectivity and upload speeds for certain games. However, these problems do not apply when it comes to casino games.

Cloud gaming allows providers to offer live services to players and also provides a more convenient and secure experience. With all these new changes and possibilities, the future of gaming is sure to be an exciting one.

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